Carolyn O’Neill CST-D, MCSS

Carolyn (Caro) initially began her training as a complementary therapist in 1996. Having established a successful practice in Mallorca, where she was living at the time, she then returned to the UK and continued her training with the Upledger Institute UK. Caro is currently studying a five year Masters degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy at The Metanoia Institute in London. As a supervised trainee she is offering affordable counselling sessions here at the Kensey Centre.

Gestalt Psychotherapy

Gestalt Psychotherapy works by being with you in the here and now. Rather than dig up the past, you are invited to bring your past into the present and together we explore how it is affecting you today. Gestalt Psychotherapy is suitable for issues such as anxiety, panic attacks, grief and trauma. Therapy can be short or long term, according to your needs.

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Caro is available for appointments at the Kensey Centre on Wednesday afternoons.


Counselling – £20.00
(50 minute session)

Appointments can be made with Caro on 07717 400152.

​What to expect on your visit

On initial contact, either by text or phone, you will be invited to have an informal chat to discuss your requirements. If both therapist and client are happy to proceed, a telephone conversation will be arranged with Caro’s supervisor Dr Diane Hodgson PhD who will assess your suitability for Gestalt Psychotherapy: after which further appointments can be scheduled.

Further Information

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