For patient and practitioner safety opening the centre has required some significant adaptations to the way in which we run the clinic and the way in which we practise.

Appointments must be made by telephone. Under no circumstance attend the building unless you have already spoken with your practitioner and made arrangements to attend at that time.

The practitioner undertakes to clean all relevant surfaces you may come in contact with before and after your appointment. There is no linen on the treatment table but couch roll and hospital grade plastic covered pillows are in use. For your own personal comfort feel free to bring your own blanket or towel. Some practitioners will use towels/linen but these will be single use only.

The practitioner will regularly and thoroughly wash their hands. They will use relevant PPE as requested. They will monitor their own health and if necessary check their own temperature. If in any doubt as to their fitness to practise they will cancel/postpone any appointments you might have made with them. In the event of a suspected Covid case we will notify you and the practice will close for deep cleaning. You may be asked to self isolate depending on current guidelines. We have a QR code for the Track and Trace app, it is situated on the wall to your right as you enter the building.

In return we ask that you also respect the current health care directives.

  • DO NOT attend if you feel unwell or if you suspect you may have Covid-19 or you may have come in contact with someone who has Covid-19.
  • Don’t attend if you live with someone who you suspect may have Covid-19.
  • Don’t attend if you or anyone you live with has complex medical healthcare needs. This is to limit the risks to you and/or your loved ones if yours or their immunity is compromised in any way.
  • Don’t attend if you have received government advice instructing you to remain self isolating, again for the same reason.

Please wash/sanitise your hands when you enter the building, soap/washing facilities and hand sanitiser are available for your use. Likewise current advice states that face masks may be helpful in reducing spread via droplet infection, we have disposable masks available or you may wish to bring your own.

Please bear with us, we are all living in such strange times. We want to be able to offer you the best and safest care that we can. The best way to start this is when we speak with you over the telephone. While no-one can guarantee immunity from contracting Covid-19 we want you to feel as safe as possible if you do choose to attend The Kensey Centre.

Please feel free to ask us questions – you will be helping us to get this right. If in doubt please don’t come in to see us until you are ready.

Thank you for your patience at this time. We are doing our very best to keep the centre open under challenging conditions. All this planning is continually subject to any future government and governing body recommendations and may change at short notice.